Gianni D'Anna - Fractal Art

Present scientific research has enabled man to verify, in real time, natural phenomena that in the past seemed to be unforeseeble because of their “chaotic” appearance. By giving solutions to mathematical and phenomenal absurdities, the Euclidic concept of geometry has been undermined and replaced by a new idea of space and image. The careful observation of nature, the continuous peering through a microscope, the passion for enthomology and malacology, and finally, the study of fractal geometry, have all contributed to give birth to an original artistic research, which find in nature and all of its aspects, the ideal artistic subject. The fractal geometry, its priciples and its aesthetic, become instruments of interpration and artistic representation of nature. However, a representation which refuses to become mere computer-art (as it happend to a consistent part of fractal art), but remaining always the result of manual activity which manifest itself through variuos figurative technique, which ranges from painting to sculpture, from photography to graphic, from patchwork to 3d painting.